Alliance of California Judges
January 12, 2015

We pass on to you the latest comments from respected political columnist Dan Walters. We want to thank those of you who have joined with us as members. As Mr. Walters points out, this was done at no small risk and, while many sat by, you joined in the effort. Your voices are being heard -- a wider audience now knows the truth about the difficulties facing the judiciary. The truth cannot be suppressed and distorted forever, no matter how hard some people in the branch have tried to do just that by attacking the messenger, claiming the problems have already been addressed, or comparing the inexcusable waste to a "bucket of water in Lake Tahoe."

The Alliance has pointed out the problems and now we will point out the solutions. They will in no way threaten branch autonomy. Quite the contrary, if adopted our solutions will strengthen the branch and ensure that the oft-broken promise of secure and adequate funding for all courts, and for all necessary programs, will be realized. This will be done by utilizing the talents and experience of elected judges, not unelected bureaucrats and appointed Judicial Council members. We are hard at work crafting that plan.

Thank you again for your continued support. If you are not a member, consider adding your name to the list of more than 500 judges, court commissioners and retired judges committed to finding a solution. Much more must be done in the days ahead.

Directors, Alliance of California Judges

Alliance of California Judges
1817 Capitol Ave., Sacramento, CA  95811

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