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August 3, 2020

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Going Paperless  ...  New Bike Amenities Popping Up Around Town  ...  Moving and Shaking at Jibe  ...  Bye Bye Abbey  ...  Holiday Schedule  ...  Earn Money Towards a Brand-New Bike!  ...  Garden Highway Closure Extended Into January  ...  Ueda Bike Path Closure Extended  ... 


Going Paperless

January is nearly upon us, and with it ushers in a new paperless era. Come 2020, Jibe will no longer issue paper tickets for the Express bus service. Orange paper tickets will still be accepted as fare, however, we encourage riders to use them as soon as possible and transition to a Connect Card.

What riders need to know:

  • Effective, January 1, 2020, paper tickets will no longer be sold.
  • Paper tickets will be accepted on the buses for as long as fare remains $2.
  • Exact change will still be accepted on the bus.
  • We encourage riders to use their paper ticket stock and pick up a Connect Card.
    • How to get a Connect Card:
      • Online at
      • Visit a Sales Outlet:
        • North Natomas Jibe: 1918 Del Paso Rd, Ste 100, Sacramento, CA 95834
        • SacRT District Office: 1225 R Street, Sacramento, CA 95811
        • Complete list
  • Connect Cards can be loaded by transit check, cash, or card.
  • Load "Cash Value" onto your Connect Card. Your transit fare will be deducted from your card's balance when you board the bus.
  • This includes ALL ticket sales - including group orders.
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New Bike Amenities Popping Up Around Town

Jibe is excited to celebrate some newly added bike amenities in our area. New bike racks have been installed throughout the Park Place II Shopping Center - in front of Raley's, Bella Bru, and The Pizza Press. These easy to use racks replace more cumbersome options. We are proud to have partnered with Park Place II to swap these racks to improve the shopping experience for bicyclists, and to encourage new riders to bike on over.

Over on the westside of town, the Westlake Village Clubhouse is home to the newest bicycle fix-it station in North Natomas. This self-serve station allows for bicycle riders to perform basic maintenance on their own. Air a little low? There's a pump! Seat needed to be adjusted? There's a wrench! Westlake residents can now tune-up their bikes while Bike Doc is hibernating. This location becomes the fifth station in North Natomas. See other sites on the North Natomas Bike Map.

Jibe works with businesses, community associations, schools, and residents to improve transportation facilities throughout our community.

Visit our See Our Impact Map for an overview of projects throughout the area.

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Moving and Shaking at Jibe

After a decade of encouraging students to walk and bike to school, Mellissa Meng is taking on a new role at Jibe. Mellissa will now be overseeing the Jibe by Bike and Jibe Express programs. Mellissa believes Jibe's commuter shuttles are a great way to get to know your neighbors. "According to one study, people report they are happier when they have a chance to talk with people they don't know, as they might on a bus," she says. "Most people don't think they will enjoy talking to strangers, but when asked afterward, they do!"

On top of her excitement for public transit, Mellissa is an avid bicyclist, certified bicycling instructor, and the mastermind behind Project Ride Smart. She has big plans and ideas to make North Natomas even more bicycle friendly.

So what's that mean for the Jibe to School program? Well, you might have seen our newest staff member William Spangler on campus the past few weeks. William has hit the ground running (and walking, and biking, and scooting) to immerse himself in our robust walk to school programming.

William is a self-proclaimed walker. To help prod potential walk to school converts, he says switching to more active transportation doesn't have to be all-encompassing. "Start small with one trip a week. Even done in small quantities, you are making a difference for yourself and your community."

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Bye Bye Abbey

Here at Jibe, we've been lucky to work with many smart and talented people over the years. Today we feel doubly blessed to have worked with Abbey Stumpf and all the more sad to see her go.

As Jibe's Marketing Communications Manager, Abbey has accomplished so much in eight short years. She expanded our bike program into a multifaceted suite of offerings including Bike Doc, Earn-a-Bike, and bike fix-it stations. She created 50 Bikes for 50 Kids and turned it into a beloved and well-received event for North Natomas kids and adults. When social media became an organizational necessity, Abbey made sure Jibe was always visible and relevant. In fact, she was with us back when we were less memorably known as "North Natomas Transportation Management Association." Abbey recognized the need for a more engaging identity and spearheaded our rebranding efforts.

From Day One, Abbey demonstrated herself to be smart, ambitious, honest and easy to work with. Whatever we were planning, she had a knack for providing robust, intelligent input. Now Abbey has moved with her husband and kids to the east coast where they'll be near extended family and a whole new set of roads to walk and ride. We already miss her sorely and wish her all the best.

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Holiday Schedule

It's time for some holiday cheer and closures. During the holiday season, Jibe Express and the Jibe office will have a few days with closures and no bus service. Be sure to mark these dates down so as not to be left out in the cold. We encourage everyone to ride with a friend or co-worker should you need to get downtown on a day without Jibe Express service.


  • Tuesday, December 24: Jibe Office Closed
  • Wednesday, December 25: No Express Service, Jibe Office Closed


  • Wednesday, January 1: No Express Service, Jibe Office Closed
  • Monday, January 20: No Express Service, Jibe Office Closed
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Earn Money Towards a Brand-New Bike!

Get your brain in gear! Jibe's Earn-a-Bike program provides individuals who live or work in North Natomas with the opportunity to participate in a hands-on bicycle course AND earn $450 towards a new bicycle.

The program is open to those 18 and over looking to use a bicycle to get to work, take their kids to school, visit friends, run errands - you name it! We want to help you swap your car trips for bike trips. The required 14-hour course will cover a variety of bicycle-related topics.

Enrollment is limited. Applicants will be selected based on a review of their application by a committee of staff and community members.

The application period is January 1, 2020 - February 29, 2020. Applications will be available at starting January 1.

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Garden Highway Closure Extended Into January

Throughout the summer, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and its partners, have been working to improve the Natomas Basin levees. This important work has affected traffic in that area. The project has been extended again.

Through mid-January, Garden Highway is completely closed to traffic between Northgate Boulevard to Natomas Park Drive. Drivers who typically use this route are being detoured to West El Camino Avenue. This closure is necessary to install a seepage cutoff wall down the center of the levee roadway to help reduce the risk of flooding for the Natomas Basin.

Also, the #2 eastbound lane will remain closed underneath I-5 through December 2019. Crews here are conducting levee improvement work just off the roadway to the south of Garden Highway.

The bike path along Garden Highway will remain open throughout these construction periods and associated closures.

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Ueda Bike Path Closure Extended

The Ueda Parkway Bike Path, between Arden Garden Connector and Main Avenue, has been closed since May for required levee improvements to the Natomas East Main Drainage Canal west levee. While the initial completion date was to be November 2019, the project has been extended to fall of 2020.

We will keep you up to date as the project continues through the next year.

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Mission Statement:
North Natomas Jibe is a nonprofit organization with the mission to foster transportation behaviors that enhance placemaking in our community through advocacy, programs, education, and services.

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