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January 22, 2021

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Yes, May is STILL Bike Month  ...  The Virtual Bike Doc is...Online!  ...  Jibe Inspirations  ...  Silver Linings  ...  SacRT Updates  ... 


Yes, May is STILL Bike Month

In the middle of a global pandemic it's obvious that bicycling is more essential than ever. That's why Jibe will continue its longstanding celebration of May is Bike Month, though this year will be a little different. As usual, we're helping to promote Sacramento Region's May is Bike Month campaign. This is where adults log their trips for the chance to win fun prizes. But this year we're also going beyond the pedal, with the launch of the Jibe Student Challenge where North Natomas youth can earn special badges, prizes, and be featured online. All riders will have a chance to win.

Sign up now to get riding!

Students: Participate in the Jibe Student Challenge. Parents can register their kids or, if they are over 13, kids can sign up on their own.

Adults: Log your trips here

Additionally, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to participate in activities to pump up everyone's bicycling state-of-mind and inspire us to do all we can to bring about cleaner air and a brighter future. Post to Instagram with hashtag #JibeWithUs or #JibeStudentChallenge and you might find yourself featured in our stories!

We look forward to seeing you out there -- online and on your bike!


The Virtual Bike Doc is...Online!

While it's true that Bike Doc in-person events have been postponed through June, we're pleased to report that we've gathered an array of resources to keep your bike ready for riding!

Learn how to perform basic repairs to keep your ride rolling along smoothly.

And, troubleshoot bike problems based on issues and conditions.


Jibe Inspirations

Visit our website to find Jibe's new online resources designed to keep your mind and body active while observing the stay at home orders that are keeping our neighbors safe. And...all just in time for May is Bike Month!

Learn riding techniques, map a new real or virtual route, and curl up with a good movie!


Silver Linings

Despite cancellation of the Jibe Express Shuttle Service and a host of planned events through June, Jibe is keeping its spirits high.

We are observing physical distancing for the sake of our own health and everyone else's, but we're also focusing on the positive changes we've been noticing in the neighborhood.

The uptick in bicycling and walking, the decreased number of cars on the road, and the random acts of kindness and generosity spreading near and far are not lost on Jibe.


SacRT Updates

Earlier this month, SacRT added additional bus service to peak commuter routes, making it easier for essential workers and others to observe physical distancing. Learn more about the new routes and services here!


Mission Statement:
North Natomas Jibe is a nonprofit organization with the mission to foster transportation behaviors that enhance placemaking in our community through advocacy, programs, education, and services.

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