North Natomas Jibe

January 24, 2022

Jibe Launches Month-Long Bike & Seek Exploration Challenge

Participate in Jibe's Bike & Seek Exploration Challenge and explore our community by bike!

Wait, what's going on?

Jibe sneakily hid decals that contain QR codes at events and locations throughout our community. Simply ride your bike to these locations, locate codes, and earn badges for every QR code you find! Some QR codes, once scanned, have fun trivia questions that contain bonus points.

Where are the QR Codes?!

After you register, find the QR codes on an easy-to-use interactive map. In addition to the QR code locations, Jibe has mapped local bike routes you can use to find codes. Or forge your own path!

What about prizes?

Winners will be selected weekly, and at the challenge finale, based on leaderboard rankings and random drawings. Winners pick their favorite prizes from our list.

How do I know I've won?

We will contact you using the email you used to register for the Bike & Seek Exploration Challenge.

How long is this thing going on?

All month long!

How do I get started?

Register here. Click "New User" and complete a simple form. Now you can access your personal dashboard with interactive map, QR code locations list, sample bike routes, and leaderboard.


Mission Statement:
North Natomas Jibe is a nonprofit organization with the mission to foster transportation behaviors that enhance our community through advocacy, programs, placemaking, education, and services.

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