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Sign Up For Flyer Text Alerts

This just in: Flyer riders can now opt to get text messages that alert them to important Flyer updates including late bus alerts and service outage alerts. This feature is an extension of the bus tracker tool provided by RT and signing up is a cinch. Just go to the RT Tracker website, create an account (or sign in if you already have an account) then click on “My Routes” and choose your bus. That’s all you have to do to receive the alerts. The whole process takes about 3 minutes and you should receive a confirmation text or email. No more calling or trying to search the internet from your phone!

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Bike Rebates Are Under Way

Time is money, and that is especially true for our Bike Rebate program which offers a rebate up to 40% of the purchase price of bicycling gear, the equivalent of $250 for bikes or $50 for accessories. This is a first-come first-serve offering, the sooner you apply, the greater your chances are of receiving a rebate. Rebates will only be issued on bikes purchased at local bike shops and your last day to submit a request for a rebate is April 15th.  So, get your written quote from a bike shop today to include with your application. Go here for the application or more information, and good luck!

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Shuttle Holiday

The shuttles and TMA office will be closed in observance of Presidents Day on February 17th.  Please make sure to coordinate a carpool or check out one of the new ridesharing options like Lyft or Uber.

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Brush Up on Your Pedal Power at Our Bike Clinics

Does the thought of riding with the flow of traffic leave you trembling? Do you want to be able to fix a flat yourself? If you answered “yes”, than you need to come to one (or more) of our free Bike Clinics. Taught by a League of American Bicyclists certified instructor, this 2-hour course will give you the knowledge, confidence and hands-on training you need to be road ready. The classes are held at the North Natomas Library Community Room at 4660 Via Ingoglia and run from 6 – 8 p.m. on the dates listed below and cover topics like rules of the road, proper clothing and more.

Thursday, March 20
Wednesday, April 16
Tuesday, May 13


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Let the Games Begin!

You wake up early every weekday. You save the environment one trip at a time. You’re smart with your money. You spare the world from unnecessary fuel consumption. For all of these reasons and in the spirit of the Olympic season, we want to celebrate with a friendly round or two of Bus Bingo! Unlike your typical, rowdy game of Bingo, our version requires a lot less of your time and vocal cords. So give yourself a round of applause and hope for that magical five-number combo! All the details and the sign-up are on our Shuttle News page.  Good luck!

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We Present ... #goTOGETHER: Walk to School

While it’s no surprise that we are passionate about walking, biking and sparing the air, we wanted to show you that it’s not just us!  Our community, and particularly the kids, parents and staff who participate in our Walk to School program, are just as gung-ho as us! And it’s all caught on “tape” in our latest #GoTogether clip. Warning! This video exudes an extremely high quotient of the warm-fuzzies and will probably make you smile or do that heart sign thing with your thumb and index fingers. You know the one we’re talking about…

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Walking Makes You Smarter – It’s a Fact

In a New York Times Article, “How Exercise Could Lead to a Better Brain,” the author says: if you want to get smarter, go for a walk or a swim. It’s scientifically proven, based on published studies and an article by writer Dan Hurley. In fact, shown in these findings is that exercise is more effective for building connections in the brain than thinking, medicine or food. Researchers discovered this in a clinical study where mice were divided into groups, some having a running wheel and others not, and were then tested for cognitive improvement. The mice with the wheel showed the most improvement. Science has also shown us that exercise can spur neurogenesis, or in other words, growth of brain cells that might have been lost along the way. So what’s the takeaway here? You have no clue? Time to go for a walk to clear out that brain fog!

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Mission Statement:
The North Natomas Transportation Management Association is a nonprofit organization with the mission to foster transportation behaviors that enhance placemaking in our community through advocacy, programs, education, and services.

1918 Del Paso Rd, Ste 100 | Sacramento, CA 95834 | 916-419-9955 | info@nntma.org


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