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Last Call for Bike Doc  ...  Double the Parking, Double the Fun!  ...  Measure B: 3.6 Billion over 30 Years for Road and Transportation Repairs  ...  There's Still Time to "Try Transit"  ...  Make an Impact on a Kid's Life  ...  October is WALKTOBER  ...  Grant Program for North Natomas Businesses  ...  SacRT Has a New Mobile Reporting App  ...  Connect to Light Rail with RT Station Link  ... 


Last Call for Bike Doc

'Tis the season - the leaves are changing and our bike mechanics will soon be packing up their tools for the winter. Be sure to take advantage of the last two Bike Doc events of the year. Both are in conjunction with fun, family-friendly events to sweeten the day.

The Bike Doc program is a mobile bicycle repair service committed to repairing North Natomas bicycles, for free, one wheel at a time.

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Double the Parking, Double the Fun!

Last winter, the NNTMA worked with Councilmember Ashby and the City of Sacramento Parks Department to identify additional bike parking for the North Natomas Regional Park, and it was decided to transform two car parking stalls into a bike corral. Converting car parking spots not only legitimizes bikes as a form of transportation, but also emphasizes the value of bicycles as a mode of transport. These are important designations to further set North Natomas as a bicycle friendly community. 

This project was funded by the North Natomas TMA with a small grant from the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District. With this project now completed, a total of 10 racks are included within the new space - where once two cars could park, 20+ bikes now can!

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Measure B: 3.6 Billion over 30 Years for Road and Transportation Repairs

As part of our mission to keep residents informed, the NNTMA would like residents to consider upcoming ballot Measure B, the Road Maintenance & Traffic Relief Act of 2016 -- a countywide transportation plan on the ballot this November.

If approved, this Measure would raise about 3.6 billion over 30 years from taxpayers from a one half percent sales tax that would go towards repaving streets, repairing aging roads, strengthening bridges, and building new highways, connectors and interchange projects specifically on the Capital City Freeway, Interstates 5 and 80, and Highways 50 and 99. Measure B would also provide funding for Light Rail improvement and expansion, as well as other transit services.

A large component of the program includes "Fix it First" projects, high priority projects that would be completed before moving on to additional identified repairs. Go here and scroll to page A-8 to see the list of "Fix it First" projects. 

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There's Still Time to "Try Transit"

"Let transit take you" during the Sacramento region’s Try Transit campaign. Throughout October, volunteers, businesses, public agencies, and transit enthusiasts are partnering to promote transit for all types of trips. Transit is an enjoyable alternative to driving alone with 14 organizations serving the Sacramento region, including our very own Flyer Shuttle.

Participate by pledging transit trips at SacRegionCommuterClub.org, take transit for any reason and then log those trips on the website to earn virtual badges and a chance to win prizes. Challenge your friends and colleagues to a contest on Facebook or by email.  Or challenge yourself to ditch your car and take transit to all your destinations. 

Visit SacRegionCommuterClub.org for information about events, to plan trips, and to calculate your commute costs.

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Make an Impact on a Kid's Life

Donations are a vital aspect of 50 Bikes for 50 Kids, and without bike sponsors we wouldn’t have an event. Bike sponsors change kids’ lives with not only a bicycle but an experience that is bound to positively impact them for a lifetime.

Please, consider contributing to this event.

For more information about donating, visit NNTMA.org/50Bikes, or contact Abbey at abbey@nntma.org, 419-9955.

Sponsor Online!

Download the Sponsor Form

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October is WALKTOBER

Over 2,000 people, students and their parents, kicked off the month-long Walktober campaign at their schools' Walk to School Day celebrations. Let's keep that groove in our step through the end of the month. 

Have your kids walk to and from school in October as many times as possible, and track their trips to earn prizes - it’s that easy! Walking to school can also include riding a bike, using a scooter, or skating.

For kids that live too far to walk from home, parents may drop them off 3 blocks away from school and have the kids walk the rest of the way.

Click here for more information about Walktober or to download a tracking sheet.

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Grant Program for North Natomas Businesses

NNTMA is excited to announce the new North Natomas Transportation Improvement Grant Program. The purpose of this program is to support North Natomas businesses in creating innovative solutions to transportation problems. These small grants, up to $10,000, are designed to stimulate the local economy by providing the means to positively influence the transportation behaviors of customers and/or employees. 

Grants will be awarded for programs, projects and campaigns that complete one or more of the following (not limited to examples):

  • Reduce Single Occupancy Vehicle (SOV) miles traveled (bike racks, retail incentives for walk/bike, carpool/vanpool subsidies)
  • Improve North Natomas’ bicycle and pedestrian connectivity (walkways, curb cuts, crosswalks, lighting)
  • Establish visual and spatial assets that connect the community (water fountains, wayfinding signage, transportation themed art)
  • Encourage increased pedestrian and bicycle traffic (marketing/incentive campaigns, bike corral, bike fix-it stations)
  • Promote viable transportation options for employees and customers (office bikeshare, electric vehicle charging stations, lunchtime seminars, bike clinics)

Application deadline is December 2, 2016 at 5pm. 

Visit NNTMA.org/TIG for details and to apply.

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SacRT Has a New Mobile Reporting App

The new Alert SacRT mobile reporting app for iOS and Android devices is now available for download. Utilize this quick and discreet method to report safety and security concerns directly to RT Police Services. Users can send photos, six second videos, text descriptions and locations of suspicious activities.

Users can download the free Alert SacRT mobile safety and security app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

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Connect to Light Rail with RT Station Link

Ridesharing just got easier, and five bucks cheaper! SacRT will now provide up to $5 off on Uber, Lyft or Yellow Cab when you ride to or from one of RT's participating light rail stations. 

Those stations include:

  • Roseville Road
  • Florin
  • Franklin
  • Watt/Manlove
  • Sunrise
  • Power Inn

Visit sacrt.com/stationlink for promotion details.

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Mission Statement:
The North Natomas Transportation Management Association is a nonprofit organization with the mission to foster transportation behaviors that enhance placemaking in our community through advocacy, programs, education, and services.

1918 Del Paso Rd, Ste 100 | Sacramento, CA 95834 | 916-419-9955 | info@nntma.org


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