Shuttle Pilot Program to Assess Demand

There have recently been several conversations between riders and staff regarding overcrowded Flyer shuttles. It^aEURTMs become clear that there is a bit of misunderstanding on how the service is funded and operated. Let^aEURTMs clarify^aEUR|

Sacramento City Council voted to approve a tax as part of the development agreement for North Natomas in 1998, to fund transportation services, air quality mitigation, bicycle and other transportation options, with money from property owners in our neighborhood. The tax rate - tied to the consumer price index - is currently about $27 per year for a single-family home and collected through property taxes. Commercial property is taxed per square footage. Everybody pays, even if they don^aEURTMt use our services.

As a nonprofit, the North Natomas TMA takes a comprehensive approach to transportation options for North Natomans. Our services include a robust walk and bike to school program, youth and adult bike education and outreach, advocacy for infrastructure improvements and, of course, the Flyer Shuttle service.

The Flyer service has grown exponentially over the years. We^aEURTMve worked with several partners to ensure an efficient and timely system. Whenever schedule changes were needed, we approached the adjustments with strategic calculation. As with any intricate system, changes are not made overnight and are expensive.

Now, through the end of the year, we^aEURTMve added a ^aEURoechaser shuttle^aEUR to the Westside 4:30pm route, to accommodate overflow and will be used when the first shuttle reaches capacity. The chaser will run Monday-Thursday on this one route.

As a pilot program we are using this opportunity to judge demand. Once data is collected and reviewed, we^aEURTMll update ridership on any permanent route and schedule changes.

We appreciate our riders not only for making the choice to leave the car at home, but for being vocal advocates for the Flyer Shuttle. We are a community service and truly value our riders^aEURTM thoughts, opinions and concerns, and will always have open channels of communication.

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Mission Statement:
The North Natomas Transportation Management Association is a nonprofit organization with the mission to foster transportation behaviors that enhance placemaking in our community through advocacy, programs, education, and services.

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